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HEY! Now I’ve caught your eye…

I’m Olivia and I am the owner of OHB Boutique. I started OHB at the end of 2019. I’ve always dreamt of owning my own online boutique and hopefully in time owning my own shop. I take great pride in providing the best outfits and styles to make you feel and look good.

The inspiration for OHB stems from my keen eye for fashion and I often receive compliments from friends and family about my own style. Whatever I choose to wear each day I always aim to stand out from the crowd as well as being in touch with current key trends.

My journey began from my own purchases on line and I thought ‘why can’t I do that?’ and here I am today.

I enjoy buying, modelling and promoting OHB products.

It’s  a learning curve for me from engaging with followers, creating my own website and keeping track of all your orders whilst working full time (sounds crazy but I love being so busy).

If you want to see more please head to my social media platforms and website.






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